The Western Kingdoms

The Western Kingdoms occupy the peninsula between the Giant’s Sea and Dragon’s Sea, serving as the home of many elf, human, and halfing populations. The Northern half of the peninsula is occupied by the Elven-Dominant Silver Kingdom, while Diraden occupies the southern half. Mercadia lies at the very narrow connection between the West and the East, serving as a gateway, hub, and guard between the East and West.

The Silver Kingdom

Elvannai Misil, or the Silver Kingdom as it is more commonly known, is one of two major Elven Kingdoms in Arywyn. An open Kingdom, it is ruled by a council of noble houses with rule passed down through bloodline and heritage. Open borders have meant an influx of other races, which has resulted in several cities in the Silver Kingdom to be mixed cultural cosmopolitan mixing pots of cultures, cuisines, and craftsmanship. In fact, it is said the Capital City of Sevaleth is second in diversity only to Mercadia itself.


Diraden occupies the southern half of the Western Peninsula. Lying close to the planet’s equator, it is temperate and warm in all seasons. Ruled by a traditional monarchy, Diraden is a home to humans, elves, and halflings. The religion of the Trinities is said to have originated in this Kingdom, and the church serves as a major influence in the rule of the Kingdom to the extend some consider the high priestesses to be the true rulers of the Kingdom, not the royal bloodline. Some lords are fervent practitioners of the religion, enforcing it in their provinces, while others are more lax and allow their subjects to worship what they wish freely, although not without receiving scrutiny from the Church.

The Northern Kingdoms

The Northern Kingdoms consist of the Dwarven Dominant Mountain Ranges of Aran Ungehr, the primarily human Kingdom of Alvion, and the barbaric lands of Kaldheim.

Aran Ungehr

Aran Ungehr, or “The Heavenly Range” is the mountain range that houses the many Dwarven Mountain Clans. Although each clan is technically independent, the heads of each clan essentially lead together in the form of a loose council which resolves differences between territories and serves to mediate for the greater good of all of the clans. The society of Aran Ungehr is deeply steeped in Tradition and Ceremony, which dictated peace amongst the clans.

Recently however the traditional clan structure has been overthrown in the form of a hostile takeover by the Velkhan’Gehr, or Everlasting Flame Clan. Under their rule the Aran Ungehr has become a united aggressive conquering force that has spread quickly and violently through the north.


Alvion is a ancient feudal Kingdom following a traditional monarchy rule, where the King would serve Lords who would in turn, serve their subjects. Lying at the foot of Aran Ungehr, they have maintained a longtime peace with the usually reclusive Dwarves, and in turn spread across the eastern coast of the Giant’s Sea. However, several generations of selfish, inept, and greedy Kings have led to corrupt nobles exploiting their subjects and stirring discontent. A people’s rebellion began to brew and in various duchies and provinces stories of overthrown noble rulers and disobedient subjects have stretched the royal army thin across the vast Kingdom.

This paved the way for the recent invasion by Aran Ungehr, as Alvion was too embroiled in its own corrupt system and civil strife to prepare for the Dwarven invasion. No one knows the extent of the conquest for sure as the various provinces were cut off from each other. Whether the Capital still stands or not is a question that remains to be seen.


Along the norther coast lies Kaldheim, a cold and brutal land home to humans and Goliaths. It is said that it is the birthplace of the giants, and north of it lies the home of beings more primal and fierce. However, it is always claimed that every land is home to some primal being or progenitor of the first man/elf/dwarf/halfing or whatnot. The inhabitants of Kaldheim are certainly fierce and proud, ecking out a hardy life amongst the cold tundras and frozen mountain ranges. From Kaldheim come some of the most skilled survivalists, violent barbarians, and experienced warriors.

The Eastern Lands

The Verdant Kingdom

Kessig Valley

The Outlands

The Southern Dragon Kingdoms

Across the Dragon’s Sea lie the three major Dragon Kingdoms, along with the minor city-states. Each Dragon Kingdom consists of a society of Dragonborn, Lizardfolk, and Kobolds, with a Chromatic Dragon serving as God-Emperor.


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