The Watchers of the World


The Watchers of the World are a loose pantheon of Dieties many Kingdoms worship, especially the Elves of the Silver Kingdom, the citizens of Mercadia, and the residents of Alvion. The religion offers great flexibility to its believers, with many deities embodying different domains and viewpoints. Unlike the Trinities, there is no one moral code or commandments underlying the beliefs of all worshippers, but one is expected to do good and be wise according to the stories outlined in the myths of the Gods. Therefore, Worshippers of the Watchers tend to be more relaxed and tolerant of other beliefs.

The Dieties



God of Light and Judgement
Alignment: Lawful Good
Domains:Light, Death
  • Father of the Gods
  • Patron of Light
  • Judge of the Deceased
  • Guide to the Righteous

Caelius is the father of most of the Watchers, and husband of Iona, the sun. He serves as the grand judge of morality and the shining primal light that guides the dead through the afterlife. When a believer dies they are brought to Caelius for judgement, who will decide who guides them to their next life; Queth for those that require penance, Maralen for those who have done neither good nor ill, and himself for those who have lived a life worthy of praise. Those who believe in guiding others along the path of morality and the good of the law worship Caelius as their primary Diety.

Caelius is revered by both priests and rulers who use his example as the method to guide their rules and lives.

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Domains Death

  • Lord of Penance
  • Guide to the Guilty
  • Patron of Darkness

Queth is the brother of Caelius, and the second of the Death Gods. Unlike his brother, his being embodies the darkness in the hearts of the younger races and represents the regrets and sins of ones past. After death, he guides those guilty of wrongdoing in life to serve in penance for their misdeeds in the darkness, should their sins outweigh their goodness. Once, he simply took all those his brother found unworthy but since he was tricked into killing Phage, his being was changed into one of regret and shame.

Queth is worshipped by few, mostly those who have committed great acts of evil go through his trials during their life to avoid judgement when they die. Many of the homeless and those with little hope find guidance and hope in his path.


Goddess of Destruction
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: War, Death
  • Goddess of Destruction
  • The Dead Goddess
  • Bringer of the End

Phage was the first wife of Caelius, the Diety of Destruction. She was a jealous and destructive wife that wrecked all of Caelius’s creations out of spite and jealousy. With Caelius she bore twin brothers, Karn and Kendar, and were going to devour them. Caelius hid them from her however, and the three tricked her into her own death. She remains dead within the pantheon, but it is said if she ever returned she would continue her destructive rage throughout all of creation.

Phage is a dead goddess, and only the depraved and foul would think to worship her.


Goddess of the Sun
Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains Light, Life, Nature
  • Mother of the World
  • Goddess of Agriculture
  • Patroness of the Sun

According to Myth, Iona gave birth to the world, giving all existence form and place. She first gave birth to Ula, who became the moon, but then torn away from her mother through unfortunate circumstance. She then gave birth to Noyan Dar, the God of Tides who works with Ula to set the waves in motion. Iona and Caelius together served as opposites that formed and built reality, and sculpted the humanoids after their own images.

Iona is a goddess that is revered by the everymen of life, such as farmers, families, and mothers

Alignment: Neutral Good
Domains: Life, Knowledge

  • Daughter of Twilight
  • Guide of Children
  • Inventor of Language

Ula is the goddess of twilight, and the daughter of Iona. Kendar and Ula both stole gifts which they gave to mankind; Kendar stole fire from Karn to give to man and Iona taught the secret of language which she stole from Queth. For her crimes though she was separated from her mother and lover, and for the accidental incest of mating with her half brother her offspring, Jeskala, came out wild and untamed. She is the female aspect of youth, creation, and creativity.

Ula is worshipped by the young and spiritual, such as maidens, artists, romantics, and children.

Noyan Dar
Alignment: Chaotic Good
Domains: Tempest, War

  • Master of Waves
  • Protector of Travellers
  • Fighter of Krakens

Noyan Dar is the god of the storm and seas, and both serves as warrior and protector. He is famed for giving the heroes of old divine powers to slay the Kraken in the seas, helping claim the waters for the younger races. He is the patron of both war and trade, as both the storm and seas are his domain.

Noyan Dar serves as the patron of soldiers, brawlers, travellers, and merchants.

Alignment: True Neutral
Domains: Death, Tempest

  • Ferry of the Dead
  • Goddess of Rivers and Lakes
  • Guide to the Innocent

Maralen is the daughter (or creation, depending how you define it) of Queth, who he carved out of his own flesh. After Queth’s great sin of being tricked into killing Phage, he took that which was still good and pure and washed it into the rivers of the world, which became the Goddess Maralen. She is the 3rd of the 3 guides of death, guiding those who were neither righteous nor full of penitence. While Noyan Dar watches the vast oceans, Maralen watches the rivers and lakes, and uses them to ferry those set aside from Queth and Caelius to the land of the dead. She guides those, especially children, with her singing, and is also looked up to as the originator of music and the patroness of singing.

Maralen is worshipped by some sailors, but also singers and musicians.

Alignment: Lawful Evil
Domains: War, Knowledge

  • Giver of Iron
  • Keeper of Law
  • The Militant and Merciless

Karn is Caelius’s First Son, and was given the forge of creation to create the world. He was hard and merciless, and his rigid and calculating mind was incapable of creating life itself, only earth and rock and metal. He gave the knowledge of iron and the forge to the younger races, with the intention of allowing them to conquer and spread. He not only possesses the knowledge of craft, but also of killing and war.

Karn is respected both by soldiers and smiths, but also rulers with a more militaristic bend.

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Domains: Trickery, Knowledge

  • Stealer of Flame
  • Inventor of Magic
  • Teller of Stories

Kendar is the younger son from Caelius’s relationship with Phage, and unlike his brother is rebellious, fun-loving, and imaginative. While Karn was building the material world, Kendar (who was too lazy to give anything shape and form) let his powers cover the world wild and untamed and called it a day. After Phage was killed and Caelius created the younger races with his second wife Iona, he requested his two sons produce gifts for them. Karn presented Iron and Kendar stole fire from Karn’s forge and gave that to the younger races. Kendar also seduced Ula, not knowing she was his half-sister, and produced the wild goddess Jeskala.

Kendar is the patron of Magic and Scholars officially, although many thieves also take an affinity to him.

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Domains: Nature

  • Mother of Monsters
  • Instinct and Fury
  • Seeker of Power

Jeskala is the youngest of the Watchers. She is the twisted product of the sinful union between Ula and Kendar, taking the savagery of nature from her mother and the wildness from her father. She attempted to create life of her own, leading to the origins of the first monsters, and encapsulates the savage and brutal nature of one’s instincts and rage. She thinks like a predator, and many sentient but wild monsters view her as an object of worship.

Jeskala is the worshipped by those with predatory tendencies, monsters, and raiders or ravagers with little sympathy and a “survival of the fittest” attitude.

The Watchers of the World

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